They called it Terminus.

A recently-discovered  backwater world on the farthest fringes of the galaxy, so distant from civilization that just reaching it took years of travel.  Its history began to unfold like every other colonized world, the scattered tribes of primitive natives gradually joined by pioneers, profiteers, adventurers, scientists, and explorers, and the first tentative footsteps of an empire ever hungry for expansion and power.

But Terminus held secrets like no other world, mysteries that both terrorized and tempted its new settlers.  On this distant world was hidden the key to tapping the Nether, a force with the potential to reorder reality itself.

The native tribes could have warned the settlers to leave well enough alone, had they been willing to listen.  The Nether was not a passive thing, but had its own consciousness and agenda: it could elevate civilization and life itself to a higher level…or annihilate it entirely.  It had done so before, many times, to the people of its homeworld, people who now devoted themselves to keeping it passive and asleep for the sake of avoiding another such catastrophe.

But now, Terminus was connected to galactic civilization, and far more than its own inhabitants were at stake.  When the Nether awakened again, one way or another, everything would change.  For everyone.  Everywhere.

And the duty of forestalling an apocalypse that could consume the galaxy now falls to the unlucky archaeologist who accidentally set it in motion…

Netherstar is a pet project; my primary focus is on my main webserial, The Gods are Bastards.  As I struggle with mental health issues that can make productive output difficult, TGAB is currently my only firm commitment.

As I have energy and time left over, I will update this serial, but for this reason it has no set schedule; chapters will be posted infrequently and at irregular times.  If you wish to follow Netherstar, you can do so with a WordPress account or its RSS feed to receive notifications of new chapter postings, or join my discord server to be pinged with relevant announcements.